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Besides our core business, development of technology and products, we do offer some other services, such as:


Consultancy services for teams or projects wanting to participate on national and international contests related to technology entrepreneurship. Example: IGEM, Reto Zapopan, Hello Tomorrow, OneStart, etc.


Professional advice for the submission and management of governmental funding programs, specially the ones in Jalisco such as Reto Zapopan, and those administrated by COECYTJAL (Prodepro, Propin, among others.)


Development of new projects and products according to the clients´ needs. Offering services involving the maturing of a business idea, market research, development of a functional and/or commercial prototype.


Educational talks related to the importance and use of science (chemistry, medicine, biomedicine and natural sciences), as well as the conduction of practical activities to reinforce any desired topic.


Professional advice about the writing of the document required for the search of the state of the art, as well as performing the preliminary search of any technology.