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Initially, the project Biophrame Technologies emerged with the participation of some graduate students from ITESM Campus Guadalajara into the most important Synthetic Biology contest, known as International Genetically Engineering Machine (iGEM) on 2014, at the city of  Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

More than 200 foreign teams, including top universities such as Harvard, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London and Oxford University had presence.

As a requirement of the aforementioned contest, we developed a complete business plan based on the following idea: the production of chitosan using  microorganisms and synthetic biology through a 100% ecofriendly process. As a result of it, Biophrame won two important awards, highlighting the facts that we became the first Latin-American team awarded with two prizes through all the contest history, and the first Mexican team winning any of the categories.


These two awards are:

1.“Best Entrepreneurship Project”

2.“Best Presentation”

It was after this event, that we decided to hardly continue with the project and so had the opportunity to participate in the following programs and/or contests:

Reto Zapopan 2015. Finalists of this entrepreneurship program promoted by Jalisco, México. About the activities we got help with: administrative consulting, internationalization, mentoring with different experts and networking.

MassChallenge 2015. Thanks to the fact that we were finalists on Reto Zapopan, we had the opportunity to assist during one week to a private bootcamp offered by MassChallenge Boston, one of the most important accelerators worlwide. At this bootcamp we received  international level consulting, and networking activities. By the end of the bootcamp, we and two more teams were selected to participate at semifinals.

Tec Lean Accelerator 2015 and 2016. Business accelerator managed by Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara.  We won a full scholarship to form part of the program which promotes the technological, administrative and financial development.

PROVEMUS 2015-16. Program administered by COECYTJAL, a governmental organization that promotes the  relationship company-university, offering financial resources to conduct research and develop a prototype.

Centro de Investigación y Asistencia en Tecnología y Diseño del Estado de Jalisco (CIATEJ). We have received technical mentoring from great experts on the topic, as well as performed biological and chemical tests.

RSS Digital Liderazgo en Telecomunicaciones. Company located in Jalisco, which has colaborated actively with the project through technical and financial support.