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Biophrame Technologies is a Mexican biotechnology company with the mission to improve existing processes, as well as to develop new products and processes under a 3E philosophy: economic, ecological and efficient.


Biophrame Technologies specializes in innovating, developing and improving technologies based on synthetic biology to create optimized and sustainable industrial processes that ensure quality products for customers.
We believe that the biotechnology we develop can help us not only to optimize time and resources, but also to take care of the environment and improve the quality of life of our community, both nationally and internationally. It is for this reason that the main raw material used in our processes comes from an industrial waste generated by other companies.
Our first project is the development of a biotechnological process to produce chitin and chitosan, a natural fiber with multiple applications in different industries such as: pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, water treatment, textile finishing, food, cosmetics, paper, photography and tissue engineering.
The technology we develop is the result of a biological production process which is productive, cost efficient, and reduces waste.
We are strategically located in Guadalajara, the second most populous city in Mexico and responsible for 7% of the national GDP. Our long-term goal is to become the leading company, nationally and internationally, in the development of innovative biotechnological technologies, products and processes.
“We want to create dream jobs for Mexican engineers and export our biotechnology to the rest of the world.”